There and Back Again

Here are some random shots I took of places I passed on my road trip. I covered 2,583 miles through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, and back to Oregon. There is something about the open road that gives me this sense of freedom I don’t feel anywhere else. With miles and miles of pavement stretched before me, I get lost in thoughts….thoughts about the future, thoughts about the past, thoughts of where I am at in life, and where I thought I would be, and what I could be, and what may be, and who I am today.

One thing I do know, is we never know where this life will take us, or what will happen tomorrow, and because of this, I don’t want to just live life….I want to experience life. In this world we live in, we are surrounded by beauty, by family and friends, by mountains, valleys, deserts, oceans, rivers, plains and fields, by mystery, and the unexplained, all begging to be loved, experienced and explored.

This is our time, and it is what we make it. Don’t be afraid to take chances, or do something that will amaze yourself, because these things memories make. A moment can hold so many exquisite things that become memories recalled at the perfect time.

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