Joseph, OR and the Railriders!

On day two of our road trip, Becca and I headed to Joseph, Oregon where we went on a Railriders excursion. This was an absolute blast!! You ride little rail cars that are powered by pedaling, with wheels that straddle the rails. They kind of look like people sized Lego cars 🙂 (See photos below)

Railriders is an incredible and fun opportunity to view some of the most beautiful scenery you might not otherwise see in the beautiful Wallowa Valley. We also met some really fun people that were part of our Railriding group. If you are ever in this part of the country, I absolutely recommend checking this out! Or just make a point to go!

Joseph, Oregon is also a fun town to stroll the streets and check out the little shops. The slower pace and the friendly people add to the relaxed atmosphere, and if you didn’t know any better, you may think you’ve stepped into yesteryear.

We also went to Wallowa Lake, which is absolutely breathtaking, and ended the night in Baker City, Oregon with a delicious dinner at the Geiser Grand Hotel. The Geiser Grand boasts the largest stained glass window in the Pacific Northwest, and it is pretty impressive.

6 thoughts on “Joseph, OR and the Railriders!

  1. Melissa what great photos of the railriders and scenery! We are thrilled you had a special time.
    You and your friends were fun guests to host.
    Maybe we will see you again some time.
    Thanks, Joseph Branch Railriders.

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