Snowshoeing & Gnome Domes

On New Year’s Day my brother Devin, my cousin Ryan and I headed out to McGuire Reservoir with one goal in mind. Well make that two. To have fun, and find the Gnome Domes. A friend of mine had recently posted her visit to this place, and after getting some directions from her, we were determined to find them. We aren’t quite sure what they used to be. My friend that had visited earlier said she thought they may be WWII storage units.

After driving around for some time in the general area we thought they were located, a group of Jeeps happened upon us where we were temporarily stopped. Ryan went over and asked the driver in the first Jeep if he knew of these elusive domes. The driver had just happened to see them! So he gave us some directions to their whereabouts. He said he had been Jeeping up in these woods forever, and today was the first day he had ever seen them.

So after doing a little snowshoeing, we hopped back into the Suburban and headed back down the road in the direction the man told us. We totally missed them on the way up the hill, but coming back down Ryan suddenly called out, “There they are! I see them!” Sure enough, nestled back in the trees about 30 feet off the road, there they were. If we weren’t purposefully looking for them, there is no way we would have seen them. We were so giddy as we got out of the car and walked up the embankment to them. We found our X marks the spot 🙂

4 thoughts on “Snowshoeing & Gnome Domes

  1. Grew up in this area and have been to these a lot (just today in fact) but I have never found out exactly who put them there and why. Great photos!

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