Fort Rock & The Cowboy Dinner Tree

This past weekend 32 members of my family from Portland, Yamhill, McMinnville, Corvallis, Albany, Redmond, Vale, and Nampa, Idaho make the trek to Fort Rock and the Cowboy Dinner Tree. One of the many things I love about my family is we genuinely love spending time together, whether its for family gatherings at grandma’s house, playing games, celebrating a life event, or taking a road trip.

Growing up, our parents took us all over the place, and my favorite memories as a kid are from these adventures they took us on. My family’s love of travel and adventure is something I will forever be grateful for, and is something deeply instilled in me. One thing I have learned is that tomorrow is never guaranteed, so if there is something I want to see or a place I want to visit, I’m just going to do it. And what makes these journeys even more memorable are the people we share them with.

Our first stop this weekend was at Fort Rock, Oregon. Fort Rock is a geological beauty that was once a volcano. All that is left now is the volcanic rim which you can hike around. It is also home to a lot of critters my nephews were more than excited about such as scorpions, lizards, bugs and wild rabbits.


Our next stop was at the Fort Rock Homestead Village which is a really cool museum. It is only open May – October, but we were still able to get some really cool photos.


And our final destination was the Cowboy Dinner Tree! Back in the day ranchers would herd their cattle through Sycan trail to the lush meadows of Sycan Marsh. Ranchers would come from Paisley, Summer Lake and Silver Lake, and the Dinner Tree was considered a half-way point to Sycan. Here they could stop for a meal of buckaroo beans and biscuits.

Today they serve up a delicious salad with homemade honey mustard or buttermilk ranch, old-fashioned rolls that seriously taste like heaven, cowboy bean or vegetable beef barley soup, a baked potato and your choice of a whole chicken or a 32 oz steak, and dessert. I am the only one who had been to the Cowboy Dinner Tree, and I knew my family would absolutely love it. It is a truly unique dining experience and the food is incredible.


It was such a fun weekend, and I’m so glad I got to share it with some of my most favorite people.

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