Mid-Valley Meanderings

This past Saturday I had the chance to spend the day with a new friend out and about photographing old and abandoned places. It is always fun to go exploring with someone who finds the mystery surrounding these places as intriguing as I do. Our first stop was the Soap Creek Schoolhouse, which is just north of Corvallis. This school was built in 1935 and the last class was held in 1946 before the one room schoolhouses became obsolete, and they consolidated students to the Mountain View Elementary School.

Abandonment Issues

Sometimes the best finds are the unexpected ones. We saw this awesome old barn on the way to the Soap Creek Schoolhouse, and on our way back grabbed a quick photo.

Abandonment Issues-4

I photographed this beautiful old farmhouse for the first time back in March. It was awesome to come back and see the trees around it all filled out with their beautiful leaves. They somehow seem to breath life into this old yellow home. I just love this place.

I refer to this house as “The Human Dollhouse”. This place is…uh….creepy. 🙂

Abandonment Issues-11

This beautiful old barn and farmhouse on Gellatly Way look like a scene out of a movie. Hauntingly beautiful….if only those old bones could talk.

We grabbed lunch at Deb’s Cafe in Alsea, Oregon, which is a super cute  and cozy little restaurant. On the way through town we passed the old Alsea Mercantile. I had a slight love affair with those gorgeous green doors.

Abandonment Issues-27

To be perfectly honest, this next stop gave me the heebie-jeebies. I have no idea what this place used to be, but I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! I almost didn’t take any pics here, but glad I got some….because I don’t plan on going back!

Our last stop was this beautiful old home in downtown Corvallis. It’s for sale if anyone is looking for a fixer-upper! 🙂


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