Journey Through Time – Oregon Haunts

Another cool thing I got to do this Memorial Day Weekend was visit some places in Oregon where time literally looks like it forgot all about. These places are so fascinating to me. Many of the little towns we drove through are considered ghost towns, even though a handful of people may live there. It’s impossible to wander through these places and not wonder about what used to be. It was probably a harder life, but I imagine a simpler time with a slower pace than today’s hustle and bustle. And I like that about these places.

Here are some photos of our “journey through time”.

Locust Grove Church

Old Methodist Church – Grass Valley, OR

Abandoned Schoolhouse – Grass Valley, OR

Abandoned Gas Station – Kent, OR

Abandoned Homestead – Kent, OR

Shaniko, OR

Abandoned school and jail – Antelope, OR

Abandoned homestead – Between Maupin and Tygh Valley

Hydroelectric plant and White River Falls – Tygh Valley, OR

Old Nelson Homestead on Emerson Loop Rd – The Dalles, OR

Beautiful old home on Eightmile Road – The Dalles, OR

Ghost Towns of Oregon-54

Grain Elevator – Boyd, OR

Bourbon Lane Homestead – Outside of Grass Valley, OR

Sunset at the old Methodist Church – Grass Valley, OR

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