Oregon Coast Railriders, Cape Meares, Oceanside & Gnome Domes

My Saturday started at 6:00 a.m. as I drove to meet up with Devin, Erin, Kayla, Lucian and Travis in Bay City, Oregon. Bay City is the home of the Oregon Coast Railriders, where patrons can ride pedal powered carts along a decommissioned track to Tillamook, and then back to Bay City.

I did this over in Joseph, Oregon last year, and was super stoked to find out they recently opened one up over here. We had a VERY soggy ride to Tillamook, but thankfully the sun came out on our way back, and I was able to get some pics. It is definitely a unique and fun experience!

After riding the rails we drove to Cape Meares to check out the Octopus tree, breathtaking ocean views, and the Cape Meares Lighthouse. The lighthouse was open for tours, so we got to go up inside and check it out.

The Cape Meares Lighthouse was built in 1890 and decommissioned in 1963. Although she is the shortest lighthouse in Oregon, when she was in operation it was said her light could be seen 21 miles offshore.

We also ventured to Oceanside where the weather was literally perfect for the Oregon Coast .

After Oceanside, things got a little more random. We decided to take the Nestucca Road and head back inland to check out what we refer to as the Gnome Domes. I’ve heard they were once WWII storage containers of some sort. It looks like they may have actually been lived in at one time, but now they are riddled with bullet-holes and graffiti. Still a cool and random place to visit.

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