Big Sky Adventure

I want to give a HUGE thank you to my brother Jason for making this possible yesterday. This was our Christmas present from him, and what an incredible gift it was. And another big thank you to Darren with Big Sky Balloon Co. for an unforgettable adventure.

Our morning began near Smith Rock State Park in Terrabone, Oregon.

Big Sky Balloon Company

Jason, Devin and Darren working on getting the hot air balloon inflated. The wind was not cooperating, but before we knew it, we were climbing into the basket and floating up, up, UP in the air!

This is video from right before we climbed aboard. Darren told us we would have to climb in quick to help anchor the balloon before take off.

I can’t even describe the tranquility from 1,400 feet in the air. Floating with the wind currents we caught views of the majestic Smith Rock, lakes, the canyons carved out by the Crooked River, and the quilted patchwork of farmers fields and ag land.

Heights are typically not my favorite thing, but the thrill of what we were doing, and what we were seeing overshadowed any fear, and I was just in awe. We all were.

Another big shout out to my brother Jason and to Darren with Big Sky Balloon Company for such a amazing adventure. What an incredible gift and an experience of a lifetime. If you have never experienced a hot air balloon ride, you’ve gotta do it.

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