All Hallows Weekend

Tonight Devin, Amber, Erin and I ventured to the haunted Donaca House in Lebanon. After surviving the horrors within, we ventured up a couple of blocks to where we had seen this beautiful old home and some old cars. As I was taking photos of this car, an older gentleman walked by with his dog, “Taking photos of those shiny new cars?” he asked with a grin. I commented on how cool they were. He then asked, “Are you able to get some decent shots in this lighting?” I walked over to him with my camera and showed him the photos I had taken, including the old house. When he saw my photo of the house, he said, “I was born in that house.” “Really?!” I asked. He replied, “Yep, it used to be a hospital. It was moved to the location you see now. It used to be over here.” He pointed down the side of the street we were standing on. I said, “So you are a true local!” “Well”, he replied, “I left to go to school and then was in the military for 29 years, and then like an idiot I came back.” We chuckled at that. Lebanon is an interesting place, and a little spooky if you ask me.


Lebanon House and Car

Lebanon House and Car-2

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