Short Bridge Ghost Town

The Short Bridge “Ghost Town” is a funky roadside attraction that sits just off of HWY 20 near Sweet Home, with a sweet ride out front.

I have stopped here a couple of times on my way over the mountains, always curious as to who created it and for what purpose other than a fun photo opp. When we stopped this time, we could hear people talking on the other side of the walls. They seem to welcome visitors, and there is even a place in one of the store fronts to leave a donation.


In trying to research more information about this place, I discovered it has a Facebook page where I found a comment by who I am assuming is the owner:

“Our goal for Short Bridge Ghost Town is to keep our local history of this area alive for our children and others, so that it does not die. Our area is rich with so much natural history and how our ancestors lived. This area has been inhabitated for many years prior to the white man coming in the mid 1880’s. The “ghost town” part of the name is to interest children but the history is all true.”

The comment goes on to say that they are continuing to add and build onto the “town”, and are happy to accept building materials, historical items that can be displayed and/or cash for building supplies. You can also find them on the website Roadside America, where they have been featured since 2007.

We found this guy just down the road, and you know me, I can never resist a Bigfoot photo opportunity! 🙂

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