The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs

Last week a girlfriend and I got to spend a few days at the beautifully restored Lodge at Hot Lake Springs. I remember going by this place when I was younger and it looking like a haunted ruin. It was abandoned for several years before the previous couple that purchased it began renovations in 2003. I believe the current owners took over the place in spring of 2020, and it is very clear that under the new ownership this place is a labor of love.

During my stay, I got to know one of the girls who works there, named Emily. In wondering the halls of the lodge, I discovered the old freight elevator, and struck up conversation with Emily about it. During our conversation I told her I was a photographer, and loved photographing historic and abandoned places, as well as learning about their history. She asked if I would be interested in seeing some historic photos of the place. She brought out three photos that were taken I believe around 1903 – 1906. She also got out a book chock full of the history of Hot Lake. As she flipped through pages of this book it was like taking a step back in time. It wasn’t difficult to imagine this place in its hay day. As we kept looking through the book, we discovered that the next day, May 7, was the 87th anniversary of when more than half of the lodge burned down.

I absolutely loved learning about the history of this place, and enjoyed the beautiful renovations and attention to detail. The soaking tubs are absolutely incredible, and the views are stunning. I can’t wait to come back for another visit! You can read more about the history of this place on their website:

The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs

Room 213

Our home for three days. It was absolutely lovely, and all of the windows were met with stunning views.

Inside the Lodge

The Soaking Pools

Over the three days we were there visiting, we saw all the weather patterns come through. It was beautiful in both the sun and the storm.

The Grounds

Abandoned ruin next to the Lodge at Hot Lake

I’m not sure what the history is on this place, but it looks like it was once a lovely building.

Neon and Night Photography

Absolutely obsessed with the neon sign, illuminating the darkened sky.

3 thoughts on “The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs

  1. Thank you Melissa for the beautiful photography! I enjoyed a stay in the very same room March of this year and wished I had taken more photos. Like you, I became acquainted with Emily who is a gem of an employee.

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