Brother-Sister Road Trip 2018 – Day 5 – Goldfield Hotel Tour-25

Female bones were found buried at the end of this hallway in the 80’s. One theory is they are the bones of Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a lady of the night who caught the attention of George Wingfield, one of the owners of the Goldfield Hotel. When she turned up pregnant, she claimed the child was Wingfield’s (who by the way was a married man). Wingfield paid her to stay away, concerned that if anyone found out about the scandal, it would hurt his reputation and his business affairs. The story goes that when Elizabeth was no longer able to hide her pregnancy, Wingfield lured her into room 109 of the hotel, where he left her chained to a radiator until she had the baby. No one seems to be quite sure what happened to Elizabeth or her baby, but it is believed that Wingfield murdered her and threw the baby down an old mining shaft in the basement of the hotel. It is rumored that you can hear the sound of a crying child from the basement of the hotel.

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