Andesite Peak, Soda Springs, CA

I made it to Reno late Sunday night, and crashed at my friend Scott’s place. He was busy planning what hike we should do on Monday (Labor Day). He settled on the Andesite Peak hike located near Soda Springs, CA.

He, his roommate Chris and I took off pretty early Monday morning. We stopped at a nearby Taco Bell to fuel up before our trek, and I had no idea they had breakfast burritos. They were actually really delicious!

Part of the hike goes along the Pacific Crest Trail, which I always think is cool. I have a friend who hiked the entire PCT, and I have such admiration for anyone who takes on such an incredible journey. I would like to think I could do it…maybe someday.

I was glad we took off early, because it was a pretty warm day. On the way up we were passed by a few mountain bikers forging their way up the peak. When we reached the top of Andesite, the view seemed to stretch on for miles. It was such a clear day and the view was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for a super fun day Scott and Chris!

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