The Teton Haunted Mill

Back in the day, I went to college in Idaho, and one of my favorite things I looked forward to every Halloween season was going to The Teton Haunted Mill with friends. It is seriously one of the best haunted attractions I have ever been to. It is so good that my brother, sister and I drove thirteen hours, 758 miles one way just to go through it. And it was TOTALLY worth it!

After we survived the terror inside The Haunted Mill, we wanted to get a t-shirt to commemorate our experience. We walked over to the concession stand to see if we could purchase one. We were told they gave the t-shirts away as freebies for different things. We told them we had such a fun time and that we drove all the way from the west side of Oregon just to go through the mill. She was so surprised she said we all deserved a t-shirt, and went and got all three of us one. We had the best time! Thank you Teton Haunted Mill!!

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