The Chang Family

Lucky me, I had two family photo shoots this past weekend! One of the best things about my job are the people I get to work with. Celina is not only one of my coworkers, but has become one of my best friends. She absolutely lights up a room when she enters with her radiant personality and contagious laugh. Her kindness and hilarious sense of humor are sure to keep a smile on your face. Her daughter Kaia is one of the most artistic, graceful, talented eleven year olds I have ever met. I love when she comes to visit Celina at work, because she always creates new incredible artwork for our cubicles. And Jin makes some of the best BBQ I have ever had. Like seriously, the best. With their powers combined, they make up an amazing little family. Celina wanted to do an urban shoot with her cute family, and we had so much fun doing it!

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