The Grow Family

When Sophie asked me if I would take photos of her family, and if we could do them in their master bedroom, and with all of them wearing their pajamas, I was so excited! This kind of shoot was something I had never done before, and I absolutely loved her idea. So this is what I got to do on Saturday afternoon…hang out with her beautiful family and take some really cute photos!

2 thoughts on “The Grow Family

  1. I have to give all the credit to Sophie, it was her idea! Portraits are definitely a challenge, but I love it. Something I have found really helpful is setting up a Pinterest board with a photo client so we can both pin ideas, and then I work to make those ideas my own. I’m also grateful for family and friends who have allowed me to grow as a photographer by putting their trust in me to capture their special moments. I just started this blog this year, but if you could see my photography over the past six years, you would definitely see I have improved a lot! As a photographer, the best compliment to me is when I’m entrusted to capture someone’s memories. You should trust yourself, because you are definitely an amazing photographer and storyteller. Those two powers combined equal incredible talent. 🙂

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