Oregon Outback

Saturday was a pretty rainy day, so we spent a lot of it indoors wandering through a museum in Baker City before venturing to Union. The rain let up that evening, so Paul and I took to the streets of the tiny town. We found a cozy bar that was still open for a late night snack where we watched some of the locals playing pool. It was easy to tell they had played a few rounds of pool in their lifetime.

There is a certain charm about these remote, small towns that I sometimes romanticize in my mind. For now, they are definitely fun to visit.

Saturday evening, Paul and I stayed at the Historic Union Hotel in Union, Oregon. The owners have taken great pride in restoring this beautiful old building, keeping much of it’s historic charm intact. Rosie, the resident pooch was there to greet us as we walked back to the hotel that evening.

One of the awesome things about our trip, is that we really had no set agenda. Just five days of going wherever the heck we felt like. Sunday morning, Paul told me he had an idea of where we could go. When Paul suggested we check out Flora, I had no idea the amazing things we would see not only there, but along the way. To Paul, these were familiar stomping grounds, so I was super excited to check out some of the most remote areas in Oregon that I have ever seen.

Abandoned home along HWY 82

Our first stop was the town of Troy that was “bustling” with fishermen and hunters. Believe it or not, there is a Shilo Inn way out there.

Wenaha River & Troy, Oregon

On our way to Flora we stopped for some pics of a beautiful old homestead.

Between Troy & Flora

When we got to Flora, I was amazed by all the incredible old buildings still standing. Dodging rain showers, we drove around the tiny unincorporated town taking pictures and imagining what once was. We were greeted by some farmer’s pigs across from the old church. As we were taking pictures, one let out a squeal making me jump. As fascinating as I find these places, the eeriness can sometimes set in. Glad I had good company while exploring these forgotten places.

Flora, Oregon

Before heading back to Pendleton Sunday evening, and the last night of our trip, we stopped in Enterprise for some food. As we were leaving town, we snapped and a few pics of the downtown area, with the majestic Wallowa Mountains gracing the background.

Enterprise, Oregon

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