Mike + Meaghan Wedding

I met Meaghan about five years ago as a new client in her salon chair. When you spend a few hours in a chair every couple of months getting your hair colored and trimmed, you get to know someone really well. Not only is Meaghan amazing with hair, she is an amazing human being, and I consider her a dear friend. I still remember when she asked me about taking her wedding photos, and how excited and honored I was for the opportunity.

Mike and Meaghan’s wedding was an absolutely stunning DIY wedding that took place at her aunt and uncle’s beautiful home in the foothills of Corvallis. Her vision and talent combined with those of her closest friends and family came together to create something truly magical. This wedding was absolutely dreamy, and I think my favorite part was seeing how much love there is in Mike and Meaghan’s life.

Here are some of my favorite photos from throughout the day, and I hope they begin to portray the love and emotion that was beautifully present on this perfect day. Congratulations Mike and Meaghan!

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