Salt Creek Barn

I took this photo on the way home from the coast this weekend. This is another barn I have wanted to get a photo of for some time, and decided to make it happen. Maybe it is the fragile yet resilient nature of these wooden frames that inspire me to capture them while they stand. Tomorrow is never promised.

May is one of my favorite months, and it is also a month that holds a lot of memories. With May comes the warmer and longer days. There are the inaugural pre-summer BBQ’s, bonfires at the beach, mini road trips, wildflowers, wooded hikes, and the promise that summer is right around the corner.

It is also a month that especially reminds me to not take small moments for granted, to take joy in simple pleasures, and to make the time to spend with loved ones. We gained a guardian angel on this day eleven years ago, but her memory is carried on because we carry on, sometimes fragile, but always resilient, and that is what she would want. 

Salt Creek Barn

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