Return to the International Car Forest

Day 5:

Our haunted overnight adventure ended at about 2:00 a.m. We ended up visiting with a couple of guys from the Northwest Curiosity Society and learned that most of them were from Oregon, and have been long time friends that love going on adventures together. They were super fun to talk to, and I hope we get to go on another one of their adventures with them.

After we got done visiting, Devin and I headed to the International Car Forest, which is in Goldfield, Nevada, to do some night photography.

When we got to the car forest, I was surprised to see someone was already out there doing some night photography. We saw their camera set up on a tripod and their Mini Cooper parked next to this bus, where they had already staged a cool glowing blue light. My brother mentioned that he saw someone in the car, but I was too scared to look. It was so cold, and it was about 3:00 a.m. I just wanted to get a couple of good pics and call it a night.

So, cool story….I posted one of my images on Instagram, and the person in the Mini Cooper found it and sent me a message! She is like this super cool freelance photographer who lives in Seattle, and travels all over the place taking incredible photos. That is one of my favorite things about photography….it has connected me to such cool people in the most unexpected ways, and I just love it. We hope to meet up one of these days and do a shoot together.

After our little night photography session, Devin and I headed back to the Clown Motel to get some shut eye for a few hours. Another thing we did after our haunted adventure was ask the Jeri, co-host and resident of Goldfield, if we could get a day time tour of the old Goldfield Hotel. And guess what, she said yes!

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