The Goldfield Hotel

Day 5:

Devin and I had so much fun doing the overnight haunted adventure of the old high school and the Goldfield Hotel, that we asked Jeri if we could come back the next day for an official tour of the hotel. There were a few other ghost hunters that were interested in a daytime tour as well, and Jeri graciously obliged.

We had so much fun wandering the halls of the old hotel, listening to her tell us some of the history of the place. A man that goes by the name of “Red” is the current owner of the hotel, and is in the process of having it restored. The hotel hasn’t had overnight guests in more than 70 years, but the hope is to change that by next year. With the state of disrepair the hotel has been in, this is no small task. I guess time will tell if and when the Goldfield Hotel will house more than just ghosts.



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