Small Town, Big Heart – Goldfield, Nevada

Day 5 Continued:

Devin and I fell in love with Goldfield from the first time we stepped foot there back in 2016. The now tiny town might seem unassuming at first, but every time we wander the streets, we see something new.

Time has not been the most kind to a community that was once a booming gold mining town with around 20,000 residents. Today, less than 300 people call Goldfield home, but those that still reside there put their heart and soul into their community. Goldfield feels like a place where anything is possible, and this is apparent with the residents we’ve been fortunate enough to meet with and talk to. It has been awesome to see some of the restoration efforts that are in progress, including the Goldfield Hotel and the old high school.

After touring the Goldfield Hotel, Devin and I drove around for a bit before heading toward our next stop in Las Vegas. Here are some of the things we saw this time around.

Brother-Sister Road Trip 2018 - Day 5 - Goldfield Hotel Tour-3

Desert highway on the way to Las Vegas. I just can’t get enough of those wide open spaces.

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