The Road to Hana

On Saturday, all nine of us piled into two vehicles and made our way to the Road to Hana to watch the sunrise at Keanae Lookout. It took us about two hours to get the lookout point. The sun had just risen by the time we arrived, and the view was seriously magical. Waves were crashing against the shoreline, creating an even more dramatic scene. Seriously breathtaking.

Keanae Lookout

Near this lookout there is a beautiful old church called the Lanakila Ihiihi O Iehowa Ona Kava Church. The church was built in 1860 out of coral and lava rock, and is said to be the only building to survive the April Fool’s tsunami of 1946.

Lanakila Ihiihi O Iehowa Ona Kava Church

As we continued on to Hana, we stopped at a couple of different waterfalls.


We also stopped at a banana bread stand where the sweetest lady told us about how Leonardo Dicaprio stopped at her stand with his parents. She even had a photo of them. Pretty cool!

Banana Bread Stand

When we arrived in Hana, we stretched our legs for a bit at Hana Bay Beach Park.

Hana Bay Beach Park

I had some amazing pineapple, and goji berry with lime ice-cream at Coconut Glen’s.

Coconut Glen’s

I also now know why they sell T-shirts claiming “I survived the road to Hana”. That road is no joke! It is so windy, with one way bridges where you literally face-off with oncoming traffic. We left so early, that on the way there traffic wasn’t really an issue, but on the way back…completely different story. I’m glad we did it, and I’m glad we “survived” it, lol. It sure covers some breathtaking countryside.

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