Solar Eclipse 2017!

Today I witnessed something I may never see again in my lifetime. A total solar eclipse. I will admit that I was getting a little weary and leery of what to expect on this day, with the news making it sound like doomsday, and the hashtag #apoceclipse circulating social media.

But this was hands down one of the most epic things I have ever witnessed, and it absolutely lived up to all of the hype.

My friend Travis and I stayed at my Dad and Robin’s place last night so we could witness this celestial event from a less populated area. My dad and Robin had a few guests that stayed with them as well, guests that had driven hours from California to experience the solar eclipse.

After seeing what I saw today, I get why people from all over the world descended upon Oregon to observe this ethereal event. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before. As the sky grew darker, it felt like the earth was holding it’s breath in anticipation, as the moon and the sun put on a performance I will never forget. Splashes of reds and blues danced around the edge of the moon as the sun rays glistened from behind it’s lunar friend. It was a dance worthy of deity, and for a few moments the heavens didn’t feel so far away.

Solar Eclipse 2017-10Solar Eclipse 2017-11Solar Eclipse 2017Solar Eclipse 2017-2Solar Eclipse 2017-3

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