Stand By Me Day 2016

On Saturday I ventured to Brownsville, Oregon for the 30th anniversary celebration of the movie Stand By Me. As I meandered through the tiny downtown, I walked by the American Legion Hall where they were serving a blueberry pancake breakfast. I glanced through the double doors to take in the scene, when an older gentlemen at the donation table told me, “Don’t be shy, come on in!” Two of my weaknesses are blueberry pancakes, and cute old men, so I took him up on his offer. I handed him a donation, and walked on in.

I was greeted by more adorable old men, all of whom have served our country in some capacity, and continue to do so by volunteering their time and efforts. One of them commented on my camera, “You here to take some pictures today?” I told him I sure was, as he flipped a pancake onto my paper plate. Every good adventure starts with really good food.

After downing my breakfast, I ventured back out onto main street to see what else was happening. I stopped by the information booth and picked up a map that had a walking tour of all the movie sites, as well as a schedule of the events happening during the day.

There were a bunch of booths set up around the information booth, including a mock tree-house from the movie you could take pictures in. There was a booth with movie memorabilia, one of dolls that were made to look like Chris, Gordie, Teddy and  Vern. There was even a doll of the unfortunate Ray Brower.

Another booth ran by “Heels for Combat Boots” was there raising money to assist Servicemen and women with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury to help get these individuals adjusted back into the world of civilian life. Very cool organization for an incredibly worthy cause. And they were totally stylin’ in their rockabilly attire.

After checking out the different booths, I continued down the street to sign up for one of the guided walking tours of all the movie sites. Our tour guide was super cool and knew the movie and the town like the back of his hand. We were able to see the tree where the boy’s tree-house was, the houses where the boys lived, the Bluepoint Diner and the alley where Gordie fires the gun, and Vern’s penny, to name a few.

In Pioneer Park the Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailer Group was there, and had their trailers open to the public to take a peek in. There were so many cool ones!! They are seriously gems on wheels. The care that has gone into restoring these retro abodes of the road is incredible. It is my dream to have a trailer like this someday…someday.

There was also a classic car show. Rodders of all different colors, sizes and shapes were lined up for the public’s viewing pleasure. I think I need me one of these someday too. 🙂

All I have to say about the Bake Off & Pie Eat, is these kids were in it to win it! I witnessed 8 nauseating minutes of these kids downing a 9-inch blueberry pie. Parents in the crowd were yelling at their kid to , “Slow down!” “Breath!” “Take a drink of water!” It didn’t quite end up being the Barf-o-Rama you see in the movie, and I was amazed that only one kid lost his pie! These kids clearly have stomachs of steel. Warning: There is barfing in the video below:

I snapped this photo on the way out of town. It seemed fitting to end with this photo of the green bridge, as this is the classic scene when the boys return from their journey.

It was a really fun day, and it was awesome to see so many people out enjoying a trip down memory lane. Stand By Me is truly a timeless coming of age story that inspires adventure, friendship and the desire for some cherry flavored Pez.

Stand By Me Day 2016-92

2 thoughts on “Stand By Me Day 2016

  1. Melissa, is there any chance we could use your photos to promote this year’s Stand By Me Day? We would credit you of course.

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