On our way to Pa’ia we made one last stop in Lahaina for a little shopping and lunch. I had the best burger at Cool Cat Cafe, along with the best onion rings, topped off with a root beer float. So yummy!


Our last day in Maui we spent a good portion of it in Pa’ia. Pa’ia is a cute little town with a main street lined with boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and surf shops.

Also in Pa’ia, there is a beach called Ho’okipa Beach where you can watch sea turtles resting on the sand, just before sunset. It was so fun watching them crawl their way to the beach in what seemed a rather cumbersome way, but once they managed their way back into the ocean they would slip gracefully into a wave that would carry them back out into the ocean.

Pa’ia – Ho’okipa Beach

There were also a lot of surfers at Ho’okipa Beach that were really fun to watch.

After watching the surfers and sea turtles for awhile, we stopped at a neat surf shop that had a fence made of surfboards. They were also decked out for Christmas with lights and ornaments. It was so surreal being in 80+ degree weather and having Christmas decorations all over. I kept forgetting it was December!

Surfboard Fence

I normally do a ton of research before visiting somewhere, but before coming to Maui, the only thing I looked up was an abandoned school. Maui High School was built in 1913 and remained in operation until 1972.

As with most abandoned places, there are tales of this place being haunted by spirits. These spirits consist of night marchers (who are ancient Hawaiian warriors) and spirits of those whom Hawaiian’s believe come back to familiar grounds they once knew. These spirits are said to choke people who set foot on the grounds. It is also rumored to be haunted by the sounds of a girl crying in the area that used to be the girls bathroom. No trespassing signs line the area around the school, probably for your own protection.

The moon was just rising when we got there, and the silhouette of that old ghostly ruin and the moon in the background were hauntingly beautiful.

Old Maui High School

It was an awesome last day on our trip. Till next time Maui. 


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