Brother/Sister Road Trip Day 3 – Halfway, Cornucopia & Homestead, Oregon

DAY 3….

After staying the night in Baker City, Devin and I ventured to Halfway, Oregon, to the old mining town of Cornucopia, and then into Homestead, Oregon before venturing into Nevada.

On our way to Halfway, we zipped by this old car sitting by the river. Devin was driving, and I said, “Whoa, I think I saw an old car back there!”

“Do you want me to turn around?” he asked.

“Yes!” I responded. Can you see it in the photo below?

Brother-Sister Road Trip 2017 Day 3

Here was another random stop to photograph this neat old homestead. We were somewhere between Baker City and Halfway, Oregon. The awesome thing about where Devin and I were going, is we had never been before, and we had now idea what we would see along the way. The saying about it being about the journey and not the destination….so true!

When we got to Halfway, the first thing we saw was this old beehive burner, also referred to as wigwam burners or teepee burner because of the shape. They were used to burn wood waste, but are now prohibited for use in Oregon because of the air pollution they would cause.

A beautiful old barn in Halfway, Oregon:

Brother-Sister Road Trip 2017 Day 3-5

After leaving Halfway, we ventured through Jimtown and Carson before hitting the long and beautiful gravel road that led to Cornucopia. The best part about traveling in October is all the beautiful fall colors you see.

Cornucopia was built during the gold mining boom during the 1880’s and remained a mining town until it was abandoned in 1942. A few old houses still remain, and some are even in the process of being restored, including an old jailhouse. The largest building that remains is an old boarding house.

After Cornucopia, we headed south back toward Halfway to start heading east toward Homestead, Oregon.

Homestead sits along the banks of the Snake River in northeastern Oregon, just across from Idaho.

Before arriving at Homestead, Oregon, you have to drive through the tunnel you see below. It was like driving into a portal to get to another time. There is not too much left of Homestead, but below is a photo of the old school and an old home.

Homestead was our last stop in Oregon before heading toward Idaho, and then into Nevada. Here is a photo of a dam across the Snake River, from the Idaho side.

Brother-Sister Road Trip 2017 Day 3-30

The rest of our day consisted of a lot of driving, till we found our resting spot at The Bates…er, I, I mean the Sharon Motel in Wells, Nevada. Tomorrow we head toward the Extraterrestrial HWY.

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