Golden, Oregon

I’ve been hankering for some ghost town photos, and Golden has been on my list for awhile, so early this past Saturday Devin, Amber and I headed south to check this place out.

Golden is now on the National Register of Historic Places, and is called the Golden State Historical Site. Golden, Oregon started out as a mining camp in the 1850’s, and eventually became a town in 1890. As what happened to most gold mining towns, the gold dried up, and the town went bust. Golden’s post office closed March 31, 1920.

Some of the buildings that remain are a church, a building that once served as a post office and store, a former residence, a storage shed, and a schoolhouse.


As we headed north toward home, we drove through Sutherlin and saw this quirky little gift shop covered in mushrooms. We drove by it at first, had lunch in Oakland, and decided to go back the few miles to check it out. The lady that was there was super nice, and we picked up a couple of souvenirs. No mushrooms of the edible or hallucinogenic kind were consumed.

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