Tintic Standard Reduction Mill & Eureka Utah

Day 1 of road trip: I got to spend the day with two of my dearest friends, Andrea and Megan. Our first stop was at the Tintic Standard Reduction Mill. This place is sooo amazing! It was built in 1920, and was only operation from 1921 to 1925. Metals processed at the mill included copper, gold, silver, and lead, all of which were received from another mill near Eureka, Utah.

Our second stop was Eureka, Utah which was once a wealthy gold and silver mining area.

3 thoughts on “Tintic Standard Reduction Mill & Eureka Utah

  1. How did you get there? Love your post! I have looked everywhere for directions but… I have been unsuccessful in finding some.

    1. Hi @Gray! Thanks so much for the kind words! I am actually not local to Utah and was with a couple of friends more familiar with the area. What I remember is if you take the Santaquin exit off I-15 you will drive fairly close by the mill and will see it off to the east on the hillside. I hope that helps!

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