Moab, Utah

Days 3 & 4 of my road trip to Utah: This was my first time to Moab, and all I have to say is Moab, Utah is a place you could lost in for months. There is so much to see, and explore and to take in. It is absolutely breathtaking. The first night that Megan and I got there, we did a quick drive through Arches National Park before the sun went down. The lighting, the colors, the sites, and even the smells were so captivating.

After a good nights rest at the local Motel 6, we got up early and hiked up to the Delicate Arch. It is that arch you see on all of the Utahan license plates. I had no idea how big it is! The hike is three miles round trip, and it is 1.5 miles of intense uphill hiking to get to it. It is COMPLETELY worth it! When we finally reached the top and were able to see the arch, Megan wanted to get closer to it. I am pretty scared of heights, and the way to the arch looked like you could literally slide to your death, but after A LOT of coaxing, Megan not only got me closer, but got me to stand underneath the arch! It was absolutely amazing! We met the nicest people that were kind enough to take our photo standing below it, and of course we returned the favor for them.

After the Delicate Arch hike, we went back into town and got some lunch, and then went back to the motel for a nap. We had another three mile hike ahead of us, and wanted to restore our energy.

The second hike was to Corona Arch. The photos of us standing on the railroad tracks, are tracks from the new Lone Ranger movie, starring Johnny Depp. I haven’t actually seen the movie, but still thought that was pretty cool. This hike was quite a bit easier….until we got to another part that was SCARY high, and again looked like one could easily slide to their death. After literally being paralyzed for like 10 minutes, Megan once again coaxed me into defying death, and once again I was incredibly grateful for that. We were able to get super close to Corona Arch, which was once home to the world’s largest rope swing.

I wish we could have spent a more time here, because there is so much to explore. Don’t worry Moab….I will be back!

4 thoughts on “Moab, Utah

  1. Hi! Great pictures! I’m heading to Moab this weekend and would love some tips! There’s a post on my blog seeking advice. Anything you could offer would be great 🙂 Seriously amazing photos!!!!

  2. Hi Kristen! Thank you so much for your kind compliments! This was my first time in Moab, but I will definitely hop on over to your blog and post what my friend and I did. We only had a full day there, so hopefully you will have more time. It is an incredible place! Thanks again for the compliments and the follow. I will be following you back, and am looking forward to seeing your photos from Moab! 🙂

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