The “Other” Flavel House

Yesterday a dream became a reality when I got to see the inside of the “other” Flavel house. So much mystery and intrigue surrounds this place from a once prominent Astorian family, to hoarders and recluses. This house is surrounded by urban legend and intrigue for the curious passerby, and of course there are the rumors it is haunted.

The new owner of the home is working to restore it, and was gracious enough to open his home to the public yesterday. There are still remnants of things the family left behind such as dishes, clothing, T.V.’s, rotary dial telephones, weathered books and tattered magazines. It is like a time capsule that the ages had almost forgotten, and beneath the layers of tattered wall paper and flaking paint lies a history that only this 115 year old home knows. And now it is getting a second chance at life.

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